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Picking the colour for your website design or branding can be an arduous task.

 always wondered why designers use large pallet sheets like something your would find at your local DIY center. How hard can it be to pick a colour scheme. Well with over 16 million to choice from I guess the answer is where to start.

On a new web design project we like to ask you, the client to bring in a group of favorite photographs which you have around the office, home or online. The images don’t have to be content related but something that pushes the right buttons.

From this we can usually attain a mood and a scheme which you are after. From there we can pick a colour scheme. Sometimes the client has a logo and primary colour already selected. So to help us pick the supporting colours we often use this amazing little tool called Paletton.

Paletton can help you choose up to four coloured pallet with shades. This pallet then can be the building blocks. Use them for you background colours, links and headers. Once you’ve picked your pallet, it’s important to stick to it.

Written by Gareth Davies