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So if you are thinking about saving your pounds and going aboard make sure you know your tech. Foreign developers are amazing, but you need to tell them your brief exactly to the letter. And this is where the problems can start.

I have worked very successfully with some of the best developers throughout the world with great results, in the end. It took a time to understand how to sub manage developers, they tend to see in black and white this is how code works after all. The issue lies with the client unable to express there needs. It is hard especially if you new to building an online business or platform. What you think you need or what you think is right is most often not. Inevitable the end result of a remote web development project  is often frustration and disappointment. You may have saved a couple of pounds, but in the long run you have spent more time managing the project. This extra and normal unplanned  time resource is probably best spent else where.

Here at Spyre Media we focus a lot of time with you the client to understand your needs. We take care to help you build a product not only that can work for you but built within your budget. We can help a new up starts, small businesses to established companies.  We can setup a website from as little as £399.99, please take a look at our packages.

Written by Gareth Davies