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Spyre Media web design, is very excited to be partnering up with a latest content sensation, SALT.

f you thought you knew how to write online content then think again. SALT‘s leading lady Johanna Best will guide you few the pit falls of writing poor content for your online and media resources as well as helping you write the perfect sentence and tweat. What we like best about SALT‘s work is the language and tone they bring to your product. We’ve never used the term “POP” before but that’s exactly what happens to your content.

Here is a small outline of what SALT can bring to the table.


Knowing WHY future customers need you and HOW you are going to CONNECT with them is as important as hot coffee on a frozen day. We help you get really CLEAR on WHAT you have to offer and WHERE you want to GO. We then translate this into a brilliant, ACHIEVABLE STRATEGY to get you there. Zooooom!


Your audience is HUNGRY for what you have to offer! We help you find each other and build brilliant AUTHENTIC RELATIONSHIPS that lead to more lovely SALES. We serve up entertaining, VALUABLE, INCLUSIVE CONTENT that your audience will to want to SHARE. And this will bring you MORE FANS. See, sharing is FUN!


We’re PASSIONATE about YOU as well as your company. Having a great PLAN, creating QUALITY RELATIONSHIPS with your audience, seeing the RESULTS of all your investment – you’ll feel AMAZING and your APPETITE for your business will GROW. That makes us HAPPY! We love sharing INSPIRING stuff too.

So if you like what you see the find out more, visit

Written by Gareth Davies